Cycle Sound
A Guide To Cycle etiquette In The City
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CycleSound is an attempt by cyclists to simply promote the act of being a sound cyclist.

Cycling around cities can be a dangerous activity. We want to create an etiquette between cyclists to minimise risk, and take some fuel out of the motorists v cyclists debate.

Our Goal

Make cycling great again!

Be Sound

The rules of the road might not always be ideal, but they tend to exist for a reason. See our guide below for tips on becomming sound.

Spread The Soundness

When drivers see that cyclists aren't all idiots, it might not be political suicide to invest money in cycling infrastructure. Safer cycling will lead to more cyclists. An increase in cyclists leads to a decrease in accidents!

Enjoy The Ride

Be happy in the knowlege that the agony of road rash is a lot less likely :)

Guide To Becoming Sound

- It's not that difficult -.

Be Aware

Look where you’re going, and take off your headphones.
Whether you’re merging onto another road, changing lanes, or about to overtake someone. Know what’s around you, and what’s coming ahead.
Listening to music while cycling is great, but when you’re commuting in a dense urban area it’s just dangerous. You need to be able to hear what’s coming from behind, whether it’s a car, a moped, or a bicycle.

Be Obvious

Let others know what you’re doing, and wear lights. Don’t assume people behind you can see the obstruction in your path. Tell them you’re about to move, before you move.

Be Patient

Stop at lights, and don’t skip the queue. There’s no harm in cycling fast, but there’s also no harm in cycling slowly. Take it easy when you’re passing others, and pull back into the left when it’s safe to let others pass you. Treat lights as a queue. I don’t care if you’re Lance Armstrong, you wouldn’t skip the line for communion if you were with your mammy. Skipping is just rude.

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